Advanced Methods Of Structural Engineering Free PDF

Theory of the engineering structures is a fundamental science. Statements and methods of this science are widely used in different fields of engineering. Among them are the civil engineering, ship-building, aircraft, robotics, space structures, as well as numerous structures of special types and purposes – bridges, towers, etc. In recent years, even micromechanical devices become objects of structural analysis.

This book is written for students of universities and colleges pursuing Civil or Structural Engineering Programs, instructors of Structural Analysis, and engineers and designers of different structures of modern engineering.

The objective of the book is to help a reader to develop an understanding of the ideas and methods of structural analysis and to teach a reader to estimate and explain numerical results obtained by hand; this is a fundamental stone for preparation of reader for numerical analysis of structures and for use of engineering software with full understanding.

The textbook offers the reader the fundamental theoretical concepts of Structural Analysis, classical analytical methods, algorithms of their application, comparison of different methods, and a vast collection of distinctive problems with their detailed solution, explanation, analysis, and discussion of results; many of the problems have a complex character.

Considered examples demonstrate features of structures, their behavior, and peculiarities of applied methods. Solution of all the problems is
brought to final formula or number.


  1. Statically determinate structures.
  2. Statically indeterminate structures
  3. The modern engineering software.
  4. Structural analysis: Plastic behavior of structures, stability of elastic structures.

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