Computer Networking Illuminated – Diane Barrett & Todd King


The study of computer networking concepts and administration is an essential part of the education of computer science and information science students.

A basic networking course should provide a strong theoretical background, practice in network design and creation, and the experience of maintaining and managing a network.

Having taught computer networking for over ten years, the authors of this book have used many different text books and have found that several cover networking using a strictly theoretical or mathematical approach.

This text uses an easy-to-understand, practical format, making it not only more interesting to the student but easier for the instructor to explain and hold the attention of the students.

With good lab exercises, strong real-world scenarios, and instruction on the use of common, popular tools and utilities, best practices, and recommended strategies and implementations, this book provides coverage of all necessary topics for individuals interested in developing network literacy and competency.


  • 1 .Data Communications,
  • 2. Communication Networks,
  • 3. Network Technologies,
  • 4. Managing Multiple Access,
  • 5. Switching,
  • 6. Networking Protocols,
  • 7. Naming and Addressing,
  • 8. Routing,
  • 9, “Network Services and Applications,”
  • 9. Network Security,
  • 10. Network Operations,
  • 11. Network Administration and Sup-
  • 12. Network Troubleshooting.

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