How to Write a Better Thesis [Third Edition] – David Evanst, Paul Gruba, Justin Zobel

How to Write a Better Thesis:

Thesis writing can be challenging for students and supervisors, but one of the many rewards for both parties is to receive positive examiners’ reports.

From the start, good students tend to be independent, confident, and are in the habit of thinking like a researcher. Some students have such skills at the beginning, but most have to learn them, and do so by working with their supervisors and other students.

In this book, you will get examples of what successful students have done as
they have made progress in their work. I point out, too, some of the mistakes that are possible if the task of writing a thesis is not approached in the right way.

The examples are based on the experience of working with students. Completion of a thesis, especially a PhD thesis, involves mastery of a range of technical accomplishments, from learning an appropriate writing style to managing references, and from developing techniques for writing quickly to being effective at self-criticism and at criticizing the work of others. There is also the basic issue of learning what a finished thesis should look like.

This book is structured as a discussion of the components of a thesis, and of the sequence of tasks you need to complete to get the thesis finished.

The emphasis is on what you need to learn in order to do these tasks well, rather than on technicalities; other resources, including excellent books and websites, can provide help with different aspects of producing a thesis.

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