An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering – Jonathan Wickert & Kemper Lewis


This textbook will introduce you to the ever-emerging field of mechanical engineering and help you appreciate how engineers design the hardware that builds and improves societies all around the world.

This textbook is intended for students who are in the first or second years of a typical college or university program in mechanical engineering or a closely related field.

As the title implies, this textbook is neither an encyclopedia nor a comprehensive treatment of the discipline. Such a task is impossible for a single textbook, and, regardless, our perspective is that the traditional four-year engineering curriculum is just one of many steps taken during a lifelong education.

By reading this textbook, you will discover the “forest” of mechanical engineering by examining a few of its “trees,” and along the way you will be exposed to some interesting and practical elements
of the profession called mechanical engineering.

What should you be able to learn from this textbook? First and foremost,
you will discover who mechanical engineers are, what they do, what technical, social, and environmental challenges they solve with the technologies they create.


  • 1. The Mechanical Engineering Profession
  • 2. Mechanical Design
  • 3. Technical Problem-Solving and Communication Skills
  • 4. Forces in Structures and Machines
  • 5. Materials and Stresses
  • 6. Fluids Engineering
  • 7. Thermal and Energy Systems
  • 8. Motion and Power Transmission

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