Practical Electronics for Inventors [4th Edition] – Paul Scherz & Simon Monk


Inventors in the field of electronics are individuals who possess the knowledge, intuition, creativity, and technical know-how to turn their ideas into real-life electrical gadgets.

We hope that this book will provide you with an intuitive understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of electronics in a way that fuels your creativity.

This book is designed to help beginning inventors invent. It assumes little to no prior knowledge of electronics.

Therefore, educators, students, and aspiring hobbyists will find this book a good initial test. At the same time, technicians and more advanced hobbyists may find this book a useful resource.


  • CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Electronics
  • CHAPTER 2 Theory
  • CHAPTER 3 Basic Electronic Circuit Components
  • CHAPTER 4 Semiconductors
  • CHAPTER 5 Optoelectronics
  • CHAPTER 6 Sensors
  • CHAPTER 7 Hands-on Electronics
  • CHAPTER 8 Operational Amplifiers
  • CHAPTER 9 Filters
  • CHAPTER 10 Oscillators and Timers
  • CHAPTER 11 Voltage Regulators and Power Supplies
  • CHAPTER 12 Digital Electronics
  • CHAPTER 13 Microcontrollers
  • CHAPTER 14 Programmable Logic
  • CHAPTER 15 Motors
  • CHAPTER 16 Audio Electronics
  • CHAPTER 17 Modular Electronics

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