Project Management A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling

Project management has evolved from a management philosophy restricted to a few functional areas and regarded as something nice to have to an enterprise project management system affecting every functional unit of the company.

Simply stated, project management has evolved into a business process rather than merely a project management process. More and more companies are now regarding project management as being mandatory for the survival of the firm.

Organizations that were opponents of project management are now advocates. Management educators of the past, who preached that project management could not work and would be just another fad, are now staunch supporters.

Project management is here to stay. Colleges and universities are now offering graduate degrees in project management.

This book is addressed not only to those undergraduate and graduate students who wish to improve upon their project management skills but also to those functional managers and upper-level executives who serve as project sponsors and must provide continuous support for projects.

During the past several years, management’s knowledge and understanding of project management has matured to the point where almost every company is using project management in one form or another.

These companies have come to the realization that project management and productivity are related and that we are now managing our business as though it is a series of projects. Project management coursework is now consuming more of training budgets than ever before.

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